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What can a Solar Oven do?

The Global SUN OVEN can:

  • Heat soup / pies / frozen meals etc
  • Cook stews,
  • Roast Chickens, Meat & Potatoes
  • Bake Pizzas, Cookies, Cakes & bread,
  • Dry Fruit, (fruit leather, sun dried tomatoes, capsicums etc)
  • Boil Water
  • Steam Vegetables
  • Stew Fruit
  • Pasteurize Water
  • (and anything else you do in your oven!)
  • Help the Environment
  • Cook nutritionally superior food
  • Cook more succulent food
  • Save you money
  • Keep your kitchen cool
  • Allow you to cook outdoors in high fire risk areas
  • Cook on the beach right where you fish
  • Fit in your camper / caravan / car boot
  • Be the centre of conversation at your next BBQ*!!

Please be aware that not all Solar Ovens will be able to do the above. The Global Sun Oven is unique!

* Sun Ovens do not BBQ meat like steak & sausages - but if you are having a BBQ they are great to do a roast chook, wing dings, potatoe bake, baked potatoes, fish, kebabs, garlic bread, buns, roasted veges, deserts etc on the side.

Safe - no fire risk, Easy - anyone can do it, Can even cook while your at work...

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