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The choice (in our opinion) is easy. The SUN OVEN presents the best value for money of all available.

It is compact & easy to use, but reaches high temperatures and stays hot for a long time.

Buying a SUN OVEN  is an investment - not only for your cooking pleasure & nutritional intake, but an investment into the lives of many people in the developing world and the environment! 

Developing Countries: The most often cited reason for the failure of Solar Cooking projects is that most people in eat their main meal of the day after sundown. Food cooked in most solar cooking devices must be consumed immediately, or it will become cold. Another reason solar cooking has not been widely accepted is that most Solar Ovens require more time to cook than cooking over a wood fire.The SUN OVEN addresses both of these issues, being well insulated it keeps food hot long after the sun goes down and cooks in the same amount of time as cooking over a traditional three stone wood fire

Western Countries: Most suburban 'city' dwellers are skeptical of anything that may take more effort or time for the results. Space is often a concern especially for travelling, while safety is of utmost inportance. The SUN OVEN again addresses these issues completely. The SUN OVEN is compact & easy to travel with, safe, easy to use (once you are used to cooking with it you will find it quicker & easier than your electric / gas oven) and cooks in only around the same time.

The SUN OVEN comes with fold-down reflectors, self-levelling floor, built in adjusting foot, thermometer and is easy to fold down & carry. So you can try one out - go to the link to the left & use the code "I Need the Bread of Life" when you complete your order to include a free Roasting Dish!

See the Features & Benefits page for more details

Safe - no fire risk, Easy - anyone can do it, Can even cook while your at work...

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