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Where can I Buy One?

Anyone can use the SUN OVEN solar oven - from a side dish at your BBQ to your regular meals everyday, it could be your best investment ever!

Anyone can use the SUN OVEN solar oven- from a side dish at your BBQ to your regular meals everyday, it could be your best investment ever!

Functions anywhere the sun's rays can directly strike unit:

  • back yards,
  • porches,
  • boat decks,
  • patios,
  • beach
  • park

Great in wilderness locations for campers, hunters, fishermen

Especially useful to:

  • busy mums (prepare a meal & leave it cooking outside while you go pick the kids up from school etc)
  • boaters, (cook gourmet food on the deck)
  • hikers, (leave food cooking while you go off)
  • campers, (put in your caravan & avoid hot indoor conditions)
  • fishermen (fresh fish cooked on the beach / river front)
  • outdoor events (at the beach, park or footy!)
  • BBQ'ers (as long as you get sun somewhere outside for an hour or so you're set!)
  • mountain climbers (ok that's a stretch - no real mountains in Australia!)
  • hunters 
  • prospectors
  • ocean kayakers,
  • eco-explorers,
  • eco-friendly people of all descriptions!
  • vegans etc

Excellent for RV site/motor home, campsite, vacation cabin,
fishing and hunting lodges or resorts, remote outfitters, plus...
poolside, boat dock, beach, large sail boat, catamaran,
summer camp, industrial site, any outdoor or remote location!
Safeguards against power disruptions - great for disaster relief

Make the Global Sun Oven your next appliance

Who uses a SUN OVEN?
Outdoor gourmets endeavoring to expand what they can cook and improve the taste of what they cook.
Home bakers enabled to bake on stifling summer days without heating up their kitchens.
Environmentalists looking to Green their lives by saving energy.
Residents of storm prone areas insuring they can cook when the power is out.
Teachers seeking to create an authentic learning experience to teach about science the environment and the needs of the developing world.
Slow food movement members looking for an eco-friendly method to cook good, clean and fair food.
Vegetarian community seeking safe natural cooking for their healthy food choices.
Campers craving unique camp cooking opportunities, or the ability to cook in fire prone areas where open flames have been banned.
Boaters yearning to improve their menus without spending the whole time in the galley.
Hunters wanting to improve the flavor and moisture of game.
Food Preservations naturally drying and dehydrating to create sun dried foods.

Rated as the top solar appliance in the world.

Safe - no fire risk, Easy - anyone can do it, Can even cook while your at work...

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