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A very basic run down of how a solar oven works:

  1. The Suns' rays heat up the food.
  2. The clear cover seals the air & the temperature rises
  3. The reflectors increase the amount of light (heat)
  4. The food starts to cook in the solar oven 
  5. The insulated box keeps the heat in
  6. Temperatures reach those of your gas / electric oven
  7. You walk over & use the arms God gave you & enjoy with the taste buds He designed!
  8. You tell everybody about it because you're so amazed!

The Global Sun Oven will quickly reach temperatures of 360 to 400 degrees Fahrenheit!!!

When the Global Sun Oven is focused in the sun, the interior of the oven is heated by the sun's energy.

Panels of polished metal flare out above the oven and direct the suns rays into the oven chamber where the heat is trapped, much like the heat captured when windows of a car are closed.

The black surfaces on the inside of the oven capture and transform the sun's energy into a radiant energy wave length that cannot escape the oven chamber.

Direct and reflected sunlight enters the oven chamber through the glass door. It then turns to heat energy when it is absorbed by the black inner-shell and the levelator device.*

The light energy absorbed by both the dark surface, and thick steel walls of the The Global Sun Oven Roasting Pot, [or other dark pots], and the oven's dark interior is converted into longer wavelengths of radiant heat energy.

Most of this longer-wavelength radiant energy cannot pass back out through the glass, ensuring more efficient cooking.

Food will not stick or burn... because the solar heat is radiated throughout the cooking oven and does not come from a single direct source; no hot spots created by harsh burners or heating elements.

Food does not even have to be stirred - PLUS the Sun Oven is an excellent tool for boiling water. Cooking times are about fifteen minutes longer than with conventional ovens.

The oven will generally reach its maximum temperature as it is being pre-heated. The temperature drops slightly when food is placed in the chamber.

Note: The Sun Oven works even in subzero air temperatures, as long as the sun is out, the oven will capture the suns energy and cook as if it were a tropical day. The oven will heat up quicker on clear, low humidity days.

*The Global Sun Oven is equipped with a built in levelator device, an inner shelf that pivots to always keep food level and avoid spills while the oven is being refocused. The levelator is easily removed to make cleaning easier - or expand the baking area!

The four mirror finished anodized aluminum reflecting panels fold in and are easily secured with a heavy-duty strap. Convenient suitcase style handle allows for hassle-free handling - rugged construction, compact size, and low weight make transport or storage a breeze!!!

Safe - no fire risk, Easy - anyone can do it, Can even cook while your at work...

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